Once upon a time.. School List Done✅

How it ALL BEGAN...

The Superheroes at Schoollistdone.com are committed to rescuing your time back from the diabolical clutches of big name stores and click happy websites....haha jk. We know they're also good people just offering a service we sometimes use ourselves. The only problem is that service, like many others, places their value in monopolizing your time. The longer you spend in a store or on a website...usually the more you buy and every aspect of those businesses are designed to keep you there as long as possible.


At Schoollistdone.com we simply believe there's a better way. Forged in the vast realm of customer complaints a new idea began to shed light on an age-old back to school shopping process. We listened intently to parents, teachers, and students to learn what they value. What we found just might amaze you...or not.



Over the years, these warriors of isle 5 have dreaded receiving the annual school shopping list. The usual options are buy online or in the stores.

Online may help you skip the lines at the store, by my goodness...there's just so many different websites! And even when you decide on a particular website that shall remain nameless...ahem..you're stuck in front of your pc screen scrolling through hundreds of different providers. "Who's better? Who's got better shipping? This one has 3 of my items while this other one has 7! Ugh, I've gotta get dinner started soon, I'll just come back to this later...AGAIN"!

"Why does it seem like this list grows bigger and more expensive every year"...gasped one mom while wandering through miles of store trying to keep 3 rowdy kids in tow. "This is my THIRD store today and the checkout lines seem to grow longer every time" After a while, who even has time to do price comparisons on the 8 different brands of..."Johhny! Put that BACK"...sigh..what was I saying?

We understand mom, say no more. Choices are great. Infinite choices are exhausting and in the end, you're still left wondering if you got the best deal. On top of that, who truly has the time (and will) to spend hours bustling through crowds of parents and kids for supplies knowing you have to do it all over again in a few months when they run out? There's is a better way! We've got you covered parents.


This fearless group of superstars have had it pretty bad as well. Even when they send out the yearly school list, it's never really enough to truly provide a wholesome environment that promotes education. The budget given to them by schools to buy extra supplies barely covers one kid! One teacher actually told me she gets $100...for all 23 of her students..for the whole year! Knowing the importance of a great educational environment, teachers have taken money out of their own pockets to bridge the gap. Well teachers, you wonderful wizards of learning..this is for you too.



Well OF COURSE we had to get feedback from the kids themselves! Let's go back and get Johhny's thoughts..

Schoollistdone: Tell me Johnny, what do you like about back to school shopping?

Johhny: I like going to the store when I know we're there to buy me stuff :)

Schoollistdone: Can't argue with that lol. What don't you like about back to school shopping

Johhny: When mom keeps telling me to put things back on the shelf that aren't school supplies

Schoollistdone: Yea man...we've all been there. Well what's your favorite school supplies?

Johnny: I like to pick my own book bag cause mom doesn't know which Pokemon is my favorite.

Schoollistdone: Well...there are a lot of Pokemon. Anything else you like to pick out yourself?

Johnny: Nope. Are we done now? My friends are waiting

Schoollistdone: All set Johnny! Thanks for talking with.....(Johnny runs off)


In a world getting increasingly more expensive and busy, there's always value in convenience. This concept is the foundation that Schoollistdone.com was built on. We pride ourselves in delivering an effortless shopping experience and a thoughtful approach to providing the tools your kids will use as they learn. When you send us your school list, we get right to work building your bundle and ensuring we meet any specific preferences you have. Once your school bundle has been arranged, we post it on our website so you can view each product and pricing before you buy. Also, if anyone else in your kid's class still needs their supplies, it's already listed on our website and ready to buy. We even list the quantities of each product from your list for you so nothing gets left out. This allows you to simply log on, quickly customize, (like the color of folders) and click buy. Simple. Innovative. Precise.



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